Monday, July 30, 2012

My Stinky Life

So, I work at a medical construction company. This means that I do a lot of hard, manual labor. I live in the Inland Empire, and it's hot. Very, very hot. And, unfortunately, I sweat. A lot. My girlfriend gave me the nickname der stinker a few years back when we were just friends. I have a German name, we were watching a WWII television show and something came on the show about der something or other, and she laughed and said that they should call me der stinker.  Everyone laughed, and, well, it stuck.

It's not that I stink all of the time, just after work, or after a workout, or after a soccer game, or after yard work... OK fine, it is most of the time. But I do clean up nicely. My girlfriend (and the originator of the nickname) even admits that I clean up well and she's proud to show me around as long as I am freshly showered.

I think that's all for today. I just wanted to explain the name. Who knows what I'll want to write about next time...